Our Story

We have a true passion for our collective health.

We wholeheartedly teach that if you believe and commit to his programs for at least 21 days then you will be able achieve your intended goals.

Our mission, intended to get you past the 21 days toward a lifestyle change. We are here to educate, motivate and empower you to Live To Heal

We believe that to you can Live To Heal your body by changing what and how you eat coupled with our exercise methods.

Through this consciously active self healing you can and will have the energy to actively channel healing in your personal relationships, your community and ultimately the planet.

Altruistic yes, but by selflessly loving your self you can selflessly love your neighbor.

Kenneth is a certified personal trainer, fitness educator and a nutrition & wellness consultant based in New York currently pursuing his nursing degree. With over 16 years of experience as an athlete and fitness aficionado Kenneth is determined to motivate his clients to become their best selves.

Kenneth incorporates progressive and evidence based scientific principles in his approach from his wide knowledge base from his years of training and the lessons from his academic pursuit as a nurse. and undertakes one-to-one coaching to accompany a deeply educational program, identifying knowledge as a powerful tool in the journey to self-betterment.

Kenneth has carefully developed his own training methods tailored specifically for any individual who believes and committed to achieving change in their lives. These various programs are designed for building muscle, losing weight, increasing endurance and holistically helping the body and mind return back to a healthy equilibrium.